Redefining Personalization

Talamoos provides OTT players, broadcasters and publishers access to the next generation of content discovery, individual recommendations and true real-time personalization.

Across all channels.

A complete end-to-end solution for a true personalized experience

Smart Discovery

Discovery is the name of the game. With smart algorithms, we provide a simple personalized method for exploring the long tail of assets.

Cold Start

Built in supports of cold starts scenarios. Our algorithms only needs a few events to identify correlations and behaviors. Moreover, our platform naturally supports blending of additional meta data.

Personalized Genres

Provide a fully personalized home screen for each unique user.

Customizable Logics

Custom business rules? Some assets can only be shown on specific dates / conditions? Easily add any desired logic.

1:1 Context Recommendations

The real time nature of the platform allow us to calculate up to date recommendations (in real time < 10ms) to the current context of the user (current asset, time of day, device, etc.).

Tailored Marketing

Use our complete knowledge of each of your users to supercharge your marketing touch points, such as email, push notification, text message, and more.

Editorial Control

Our platform supports editorial override for every aspects of the personalization, from genres to specific recommendations.

Cross Device UX

One device is not enough. Provide the same tailored experience for each of your users across different devices/channels, such as Set-top box / OTT / Web / Mobile / Smart TV...

Paid Content Promotion

Not all content is worth the same. Each content can be mark and defined by a cost measure to optimize revenues and recommendations.

Multiple Users Detection

A single household account? Our platform supports automatic identification of multi users usage to provide even more tailored experience. Based on usage, time of day and more.


Our personzliation algorithms can add an additional level of diversity for the displayed recommendations. With or without additional metadata.