Tala Platform

The next generation of predictions platforms


Talamoos backend is where the magic happens. It provides a complete solution for adding prediction capabilities to any product. Tala platform handles the data capturing, data storing, data analyzing, model inferencing and finally prediction serving.

All in Real time and in scale.

Complete Flexibility

The platform is designed by modular parts which allows custom and tailored solutions for each use case.

Simple Integration

Connecting to Tala Platform is as easy as implementing a few REST API calls.

Cloud / On Premise

Choose from either fully managed cloud solution or local deployment for sensitive data.


Real time data streaming.


The platform is fully distributed. The Same API is used for 1m or 1b daily events (and more).


No machine learning knowledge is required. Let our engine do the heavy lifting. All configurations are tunable if indeed required.


Second to none accuracy.


Serving predictions at less than 10 milliseconds.


All models are custom build to support online learning on streamed data. Each model is updated automatically when needed.