New services requires new technologies

Creating a fully end-to-end solution is a challenging problem. Existing technologies such as spark or hadoop are simply not suitable for a complete real time solution. Therefor we built new technologies from scratch.


The Pantry is the platform’s main data storage solution. It holds everything from user events, item meta data and the actual models. Pantry is designed to support millisecond responses and updatable requirements.


Remy is the engine which creates the models. It is basically the chef. Every model is custom build and custom design to allow efficient building, adaptive learning and serving at millisecond responses.


Trolley is our in-memory caching platform. It is used throughout the entire platform in order to allow real time computations and quick responses.


Garcon is designed to support all aspects of the platform interactions. REST APIs, Security and Business logics are a few examples of its long list of features.


AntonEgo is our analytics platform. Basically, it is the critic of the entire platform. It is design to measure and monitor all resource, models, API calls and much more.